Welcome to Lohilahti

Welcome to virtual Lohilahti


Here you can relax and get to know the friendly culture of Southern Savo.

Lohilahti is situated in the Sulkava municipality, surrounded by lakes and forests. Nature is very important to us here in Lohilahti, because many people get their livelihood from it. We would like to welcome you to enjoy everything that Lohilahti has to offer.
Lohilahti is a historical place, and there are written records on the region dating back as far as to the 15th century. You can find several signs of the events of the history; for example the Telataipale Canal, which was built by the Russians, as well as the bunkers and trenches which are a part of the famous Salpalinja fortification. And of course, we also have a memorial to the Finnish Markka.

Lohikoski Church is located on a central place. The church was consecrated in 1934 and it was designed by architect Ilmari Virkkala. The best way to enjoy the environment and the sceneries is by hiking, paddling or by skiing, naturally during the wintertime. We can provide you with professional wilderness guides and exact terrain maps. The routes are well marked and there are several bivouacs and cabins if you want to take a little break or spend the night.
Lohikoski mill is the oldest water mill in Finland that is still running. The mill area is in active use, it is very popular e.g. among caravaners.

Lohilahti participates in the RaJuPuSu LEADER+ programme, which aims to develop the region (Rantasalmi, Juva, Joroinen, Puumala and Sulkava) into a vital rural area. The programme is implemented with financial support from the EU, government and the municipalities. The program helps us to make Lohilahti internationally known and to maintain the employment of the area, thus giving us the possibility to build a positive future. You can help us develop our countryside by using the services of the region.

Services for inhabitants and tourists:

  • shop, online services of Veikkaus (betting games)
  • health care services
  • gas station and restaurant, pharmacy products, small post office and fishing licences
  • school
  • church
  • dance hall
  • tennis court
  • great nature trails for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing and paddling